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Re: BT yahoo - iPhone setup

I have the same problem with my BT calendar not syncing on my iphone 6. (Contacts do now sync as of yesterday) It did work in the past before you had to set up via the 'Other' route on the phone.

I have followed the instructions given

BT support told me it was an apple problem so I contacted apple.

Apple said the problem is the BT / yahoo server is returning the user name as rather than

After saving the details on my phone despite the verification error I can see this by looking  in accounts and passwords at the caldav account. The @ in the account is replaced with %40. If you then select the '>' to look at the account details it shows as per Stephanie's instructions ie how I typed it in.

Does anyone know if BT looks at problems like this raised on here?

By the way Apple said they have a useful tool for looking up your mail settings.

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Re: BT yahoo - iPhone setup

Any news on when BT will fix this CALDAV verification issue?  Thx

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