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BTmail sends just one particular sender to trash

I am part of a group of 15 people who are sent an email every two weeks.

Of the 15, I am the only one whose email from the sender always goes sent to the Trash folder.

The sender is in my "safe senders" list. 

I have deleted the sender from the list and re-installed the sender to the "safe senders" list.

This happens whether I check my mail on my desktop, laptop, tablet and iphone.

I suspect the problem is not on "my side", but on the senders side.

Any suggestions that I can pass on to the sender?

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Re: BTmail sends just one particular sender to trash

Check on all your devices email clients/app settings that the email address is not being moved by a rule or other setting.

If it was being blocked by BT it would not reach your email account let alone be moved to the trash folder. Likewise if it was deemed as spam it would either not reach your account or it would be placed in your spam folder not the trash folder.

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