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BTyahoo sign in problems and no ability to forward emails

After much trouble over the last couple of weeks being redirected from BTyahoo to BT login then having an error message pop up telling me there is a problem with emails and try again. Without fail each time I try again I am logged in but what a tedious process. I then discover that BTyahoo removed the global forward all emails facility. Some posts in this forum about these issues and also plenty via Google search. No way was I going to go through the painful customer service routine. So I have now spent two days notifying all my contacts, mailing lists, banks, insurance companies etc. to use my new Gmail email address.

Oh what joy, no more delays, no more login issues, hopefully no more site down problems and a big bonus I am not tied to BT when my contract expires. Also many more addons and services with Gmail. Oh no more crappy advertising messages and videos as well!

Two days well spent!


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