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Blocking sender from spam box

In my spam folder how do I block sender? It is greyed out.

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Re: Blocking sender from spam box

You should be able to tick the box to the left of the spam email then go to "More" in the menu bar then select "Block Sender". 

If your one is not doing the above, which browser are you using?

The "block sender" is a useful function to allow you to block genuine email addresses that for what ever reason you do not want to receive in your Inbox. 

If it is a spammer's email address that you want to block you are more or less wasting your time as spammers constantly change their email addresses.

The email addresses they use are often "spoofed" to appear to be coming from a genuine email address when in fact if you look at the headers of the email it can be seen where the spoofed email has actually be sent from and it is invariably not the address that it purports to be from .


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