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Bt Home Hub 3 (type A) - email and print problems

I established BT 76 MB infinity service in February and since then have experienced regular problems printing and sending out emails.  When my laptop is connected via ethernet, I cannot send out emails even though I've verified my personal (not BT) email addresses.  However, when connect via wireless, I can send emails.


I have the opposite problem with my printer.  If I am connected wirelessly, I can't print to my Epson WF-3520 and get a message "communication error - printer offline" but once I connected via ethernet cable, I can print successfully.  If I haven't printed for a period of time, I get a printer offline error even though my printer is on and have to delete the printer from my printer list in system preferences and reinstall in order to print.


This means I am constantly connecting and disconnecting the ethernet cable from the hub.   As well, I sometimes have connection problems with my powerline adapters.


Time-wasting and frustrating, I have never had so many problems with an internet connection before!


Does anyone have any idea how to fix these issues?  


Side note - I just did a speedtest it appears I get faster speeds when connected wirelessly vs. ethernet (59 down, 17 up vs 49 down, 12 up).  Should be the opposite, shouldn't it?




Macbook Pro 17", Mac OS 10.6.8

Apple Mail





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Re: Bt Home Hub 3 (type A) - email and print problems

just a follow-up, after a month of continuous email and print issues, i replaced the BT Homehub 2 with a TP Link WDR 3600.  No more problems with sending email or printing to the Epson printer.  Also finally able to complete a time machine backup to the NAS drive I bought a couple months ago.  I had thought that problems connecting and staying connected to NAS were due to the NAS but it wasn't.  It was all due to the BT homehub 2!  Horrible that I have to buy my own router but judging by other posts, many others have had to do the same.  BT quality of equipment and service a real letdown.

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