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Aspiring Expert
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Re: BtMail Migration

Hey, anyone else been migrated over to btmail? 1st batch was done but heard nowt since?

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Re: BtMail Migration

Yes I'm having problems getting emails through my windows email client. Have to keep going into BT home page where it comes up with the page asking me to download BT security but more annoying, change my password. Has been happening on & off for the past year but in the last 3-4 weeks it is nearly every day! I spend more time changing my password, nearly an hour today before it worked. Made a complaint last week & received a phone call to say it is due to the BTYahoo migration & that it would be cleared up in a week! Errrrr no......still happening. Why say a week if according to other posts on here it is going to take a long time? The guy at the other end of the phone said I was one of the lucky ones......some people can't get into their emails at all! That to me is just not on. The service (for which we are paying) is not being provided.


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