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Can I disable spam checking

I use outlook on my PC and connect to my BT email account using POP. I seldom use the webmail interface. 

I hove noticed that some important expected emails have not been downloaded to outlook and have found (via webmail) that many are now appearing in the Spam folder. Things have improved since I have marked these and not spam and safe senders. After this, outlook picks them up.

However, my phone email app (not the BT one and also POP) does not pick up those now marked as not spam -  it would seem that having passed the arrival date/time the app does not look further back to see if others have now appeared in the BT inbox.

I cannot go into webmail every few minutes to unspam any new arrivals so still risk missing important emails.


I am sure I used too be be able to disable spam checking but I have not found a way in the more recent setup - I cannot even set up a catch all safe sender such as *@*.*.


Any ideas?



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Re: Can I disable spam checking

it would be better if you changed from pop to imap then all your devices would mirror each other

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Re: Can I disable spam checking

You can not disable the BT spam checker.

I appreciate that you may prefer using your email client set up as a POP3 account but as you are obviously aware this does not check the BT spam folder.

It may be that you might want to change your email client on your phone to an IMAP account, which will show the BT spam folder and thus save you having to log onto webmail. You can then move  any emails in the spam folder into your inbox and this will allow your email client on your PC to download the email.

It will mean that you have to remember the phone is IMAP and synchronises with the BT servers so don't delete anything until your PC has downloaded it.

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