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Can't access one of my email addresses.

I have 2 email addresses on the same account. For years I have been happily logging into the BT Yahoo site and have been given the choice of which mailbox I wanted to look at. Recently I accidentally clicked the "make favourite" button on one of them, and since then I can only access one mailbox, with no choice. I have rung the BT helpline three times and spoken to three different people, none of whom seems really to understand the problem or know how to  solve it.  One just said it would resolve itself in 24 hours, and she'd ring me back - it didn't, and she hasn't. The first one asked for my password, and has applied this to one of the mailboxes (I used to have this password as the general BT one, then two separate ones for the two mailboxes.) This seems to have added to the confusion. It seemed to resolve itself yesterday, and I could access both boxes, but today has reverted to the previous situation. What's also happened is that one set of emails (the one I can get via the BT site) is no longer coming through to Mozilla Thunderbird.  Thunderbird still lists this as an option, but won't connect to it. I've changed the password to the one the BT guy changed it to, but it hasn't helped. So I can get both sets of emails, but in two different places, which isn't at all convenient, and is no use when I'm away from home and can only access the BT site. Please help!

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