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Can't receive emails



I am a just-joined newbie whose technical knowledge can be written on the back ofa postage stamp. So bear with me.

My wife and I both have btinternet email addresses (not the BT Yahoo variety).

My wife can send and receive her internet emails on our desktop computer .But on her mobile phone (a Samsung J5) she cannot receive any incoming btinternet emails. She can only send them.  It happened about a week ago.After studyiing similar cases on the internet, we have tried a new password and have removed her  account and re-installed it several times. Bizarrely, her previous emails start to arrive every time we re-install the account but none afterwards.

I am not sure whether syncing has anything to do with the arrival (or rather non-arrival) of emails, but we have set it to sync every15 minutes. It does every time we create her account again but once only.

I wondered if it might be because her phone's memory/storage is virtually full but she is receiving her hotmail emails with no problem.

We have tried various options suggested by Mr Google but none of them work.

Suggestions, anyone?

Many thanks





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