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Cannot access email - lost in switchover?

Have been unable to access my email account since 09/03/2020.

Called BT helpline and was told that there was a switch-over between them and offshore sites, my email address was a very old one and the security details were either lost/deleted at some point from what I'm being told.

BT Helpline took new security details and said they were going to send them to an offshore site to get my email account back up and running, almost a month later and no word.

Every time I try to log in I keep getting to a page where it tells me to call and go through security to reset the password.

Called again today to be told that it had been corrupted in the switch-over and was a 'shell' of an email address, I have so many store accounts set up to this email account that I am unable to access now.

Email Account with Issue: ****************

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