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Re: Cannot get mail message on iPhone and iPad for BT Yahoo Mail accounts



I am the original poster on this. Just to let you know that I am now able to get mail on my iPad and iPhone. I did not do anything in particular that resolved the sitution though I have noticed a trend that when Apple release a new OSX for the Mac, Yahoo does take some time to make changes to its own configurations. I must stress this is a personal observation, nothing more.

I have found that, in general, mail is very slow in being downloaded onto my devices. To try to resolve this I setup a GMail account, albeit still using my BT Yahoo Mail email address and found that the download process to my devices was quicker through GMail than the Mail App on my devices. Sadly I have no idea why that should be, but it happens consistently. This might be a path you could try?

I am sorry I do not have a resolution as such, but to me there does seem to be a consistent problem between BT Yahoo Mail and the Mail App on the iPad and iPhone.

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