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Changed e-mail password, now can't get e-mails on Mac or log into my bt id

I managed to change my password for my e-mail  account, after forgetting it, suddenly remembered it after getting new ipad and setting it up.

Now  I can't get e-mails through my Mac, keeps saying yahoo account is off-line. it shows BT and Yahoo.

However they are coming through to my ipad and iphone, thank goodness.

Rang up BT who said I must use  go through BT mail, although I managed to get them through BTYahoo as well through my browser.

I prefer to use my mac rather than the BT site.

The other problem is when I go onto myBT to actually log on to see my phone bill etc  although it shows my ID password

briefly , it wont let me in, and locks me out.

Really frustrated, though I was being quite good and changing my passwords on all 3 devices and for actually remembering my Favourite colour (actually it was my O.H. who remembered it!






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Re: Changed e-mail password, now can't get e-mails on Mac or log into my bt id

I'm replying to my own query as things keep changing since I posted earlier, still can't access my e-mail from Mac, keeps asking for bt and Yahoo passwords , also by changing my e-mail password, it has also changed my BT ID one so now they are both my e-mail password. I can live with this as knowing my luck if I try to change it it will mess up again.

So I now have Yahoo mail by going through my BT site and clicking mail, which I hate as it is full of ads.

Can't understand that as when I first accessed BT mail through the site I had BTmail? Why has it changed to BTYahoo?


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