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Check for new emails not working properly on webmail

Ok, I've been quite critical of the latest email update but I decided to start logging in via BTMail on the front page rather than I have to type out the email address in full but I'm persevering with it so far.

Thing is today I am having trouble with the "check for new emails" button, just to the right of the inbox item on the far left for me. Usually this will poll to the sewrver and get any new mails into the right hand side for me to read. Today though it very curiously seems to go to

and annoyingly stays there, I can get back by selecting the Mail option but what is the point of making me login via only to have to know how to get from yahoo. It is very odd as the address showing for the link is identical to the link in the URL header. Simply doing a reload with the URL seems to work although not sure its loading any new emails.

Can someone look into this perhaps. Its probably another of the routing links been busted again due to someone tinkering or worse one of hte servers has got lost in the ether.

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