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Connection to failed using iPhone

My wife using an iPhone on IOS 15.1 cannot send an email to a specific gmail account, getting the error message ‘connections to outgoing server failed. It has sat in the outbox for two days.

However, she can send emails to many other recipients, including to me on my gmail address as well as my btinternet address. 

She sent to problem email text to me from her iPhone to my iPad using my gmail address and I  created a new email to her original addressee , using her email account on the iPad. This also failed with the same message. 

This is not the first time this has happened. Previous problems seemed to disappear eventually without ever understanding the root cause.


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Re: Connection to failed using iPhone

If it is only happening with one email recipient's email address it would appear that the problem is either in the email address being incorrect or a problem with the recipients email servers.

She should try deleting the email from her iPhone outbox folder and restart her phone and try again.

She could also check if the recipient can receive an email if she sends it by logging onto her BTMail account using a web browser (webmail). This would help to confirm that a) the email address is correct and b) there is not a block being put on your wife's account by the recipient or gmail.

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