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Deleted Email address

Hi all,

can someone explain why after wrongly deleting my email address, which I have always accessed daily for 15+ years, why BT cannot simply reassign my address back to me?

ive just been told that it’s been deleted for none payment. When I received notification that there was an outstanding balance in July I rang and made payment within 10 mins.... nothing was said about deleting email account.... they then took their payment as usual in August.... again no notification about deletion..... and then email account deleted on 15th Sept.... 

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Re: Deleted Email address


I had a similar situation with our email address that we had for 15+ years and had kept using the premium email when I switched to another isp for a while. Then came back to BT and there was some administrative errors in the new account and eventually they deleted the email. After many many call to every level of tech support in India and Ireland, mixed messages about it coming back  they eventually confirmed that the address was permanently deleted and could not be retreived or re-created. Whilst this had been going on I had to switch all our contacts/accounts to a @gmail  address. As we had the address through MS Outlook we had the .pst file and the history until the day it switched off. Nevertheless it took in my estimation over 120 hours of my time to switch everything and spend days on the phone  and the 'Chat' to BT. At the end of the day a senior customer manager called me and offered us £100 off our bill, take it or leave it. 

I hope that they can retrieve your address but it sounds doubtful and at least they have come clean early on.  Sorry to hear of this and hope the switch to a new address is manageable