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Delivery Receipts (not Read Receipts) ... am I missing something ??

Dear Email Gurus,

I have a simple problem and have probably missed something obvious - so please put me out of my misery!

I have a friend with a BTinternet email address (BT mail, not Yahoo based) account and who has been using Delivery Receipts successfully to give some confidence that messages have been passed-on.

Having done some tests today (getting same results using both Outlook and BT's own web client) I have found that the following domains do provide Delivery Receipts :-


and domains where Delivery Receipts do not seem to be provided: -


Looking back through old messages these domains used to provide Delivery Receipts (records from last year).  

Does anyone know if this is explicable in some way?
Have there been any notified changes to the services? ...  or is there a clever way to diagnose the lack of Receipts??

Thx in advance

PS - the Outlook global tracking options for Automatically update + Update tracking & delete, are both disabled so the notifications should appear in the inbox ...  I think!

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