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Downloading emails

Hello. I have three email addresses  on my BT account: one for me, one for my partner, and one a so-called "header account" which I don't quite understand, but which is never used. The emails for me and my partner are set up to download onto our laptop via Outlook and onto our Apple iPhones (supplied under contract with BT Mobile). Fairly regularly over the years, my partner gets a message via Outlook and his iPhone that they cannot reach BT's server and so cannot download his emails. The emails are, consequently, not downloaded, but sit on his BT Yahoo account. Variously, we have been advised by BT to change his password - which we have done numerous times and it works for a while; we have set up Outlook wrong - we haven't and it doesn't explain why there is the same issue with the mobile; and there is a glitch with his email account/address - it's a normal address.  Although the problem eventually sorts itself out - whether by luck or the new password - this is frustrating and any advice gratefully received. Many thanks. 

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