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Email - Beyond useless when using a VPN

Seriously, email (on android at least) is beyond hopeless when using abroad. As i work out the country the majority of the time i usually have my VPN on all the time. When logging in via VPN you have to go through a Captcha puzzle, which on occasion doesn't  recognise that you've completed it correctly and keeps generating new Captchas - annoying, but i can put up with it while away.

The last couple of days has been a right nonsense however, as my account has been locked 3 times (twice in one day), due to suspicious activity, which i know is down to using the VPN.

I don't know of any other email provider that monitors VPN addresses and the several other providers i use have no problem when using VPN's abroad, so why did BT decide to go down this route with their email?

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