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Email Client Upgrade issues

Since being upgraded there are a few annoying attributes appearing.

First of all not all my contacts appear to be there or show up, but when the contact is there its in two lines which is confusing.  The client also appears to be a lot slower in opening.  But more annoyingly after opening an email and returning to the inbox stack the email is still highlighted as unread and I have to refresh the page, there is no 'close email'.  Still and much , much more annoyingly when choosing to open an email and clicking on the correct email, there appears to be a lag and the client opens an entirely different email, and on one occasion replied to what I thought was the correct email only to find out that reply went to the entirely different email to which I had to then contact and retract with that person and apologise to them to ignore that the message had nothing to do with them. Could have been a real issue.!! 

I now have to be really careful that I open, check and reply to the correct email address.

extremely annoying, hope this gets fixed.

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