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Re: Email Client


I have been a BT customer for decades here in the UK and have used eM Client Pro on both my laptop and desktop since 2016 to download  my messages  without a problem.

On 31st July Bt launched a new email format   WebMail  and the same day both my PCs started to give me Error messages stating that eM Client could not open the BT inbox due to an un-recognised extra arguement to SELECT command.

BT were of no help whatsoever when I finally was able to speak  to an Adviser so I deleted my BT email from the desktop and installed an address  to which I  forwarded the BT emails in my web mail box, so that I could action these on my desktop.

This problem continued until Thurs evening 8th when suddenly my laptop was able to connect to BT's servers  and download all the emails in my webmail inbox.

An old  friend who is an IT consultant and has decades or writing computer programmes analysed the diagnostic logs from my desktop and reached the conclusion the when launching their new WebMail format on 31st, they failed to follow the Internationally agreed  Protocols on   "electronic handshakes " needed between PC's and servers  to establish the connection.

I assume that after receiving thousands of complaints BT queitly slipped in a "fix"  on Thursday and can confirm that since then both my laptop and desktop havge been connecteing to BT's servers and downloading my emails without any Error messages and still use the same IMAP and SMTP  settings as I used in 2016 when I installed eM Client.

To me this proves that BT  were  the  perpretrators of the problem by failing to fully test their new  system and have  just slipped in a tweak to fix this, as nothing has changes in my eM Client settings  since before 31st. 

BT launched its new Webmail without any prior notice by email or other media  and has treated its customers compliants  with total disdain. The phonecall  from a BT email technician I was promised  for between 2pm and 4pm on Fri 9th never came ,  probably because BT knew that they had fixed the problem by then. Nevertheless I will be chjanging my Broadband and land line supply contracts to one of their competitors as soon as these come up for renewal. 


Hi, welcome to the forums.

The new webmail was actually introduced at the end of last year, and end users have been done in batches since then. There's a huge thread of complaints about it, but BT will not listen - they will not put anything back. A lot of the issues people were complaining about were effectively because it wasn't obvious what to do to get their view to their liking. Of course things change, and the forums are always going to be hugely negative - however there will be a lot of people who will be suffering in silence probably.

As has been said, and there are a vast amount of reports in this forum that the email client access issue has been going on for years (and typically affects BTYahoo users only). BT will do nothing, they won't investigate. It's shocking.

Your issue is pretty much as a coincidence to your webmail access altering.

The forum advice, which has been said for a number of years now, is to do nothing as you've done (apart from delete and forward). No password changes, no settings changes, no delete/re-add apps or clients or remove accounts and re-add. The issue usually goes away after a few hours to a few days. The thing to remember if webmail works, then there is nothing wrong with the client settings if they have been fine previously. Hence the advice to do nothing.

With regard changing ISP, if your access is fine - then the only issue is email. The best thing to do is to dump BTinternet email address, and simply use a non ISP address (e.g. Gmail) and the problem will go away. It might take a couple of months to tell all your contacts and website access admin contacts, but you'll be better off.

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Re: Email Client

Hi Noel,

I was  told by the BT customer support  advsor in Calcutta that BT had rolled out their new Webmail nationally  for the whole of the UK on 31st July.   However,  having since  made  enquiries with friends in other parts of the UK with addressess I can confirm  that some  had similar log on problems months ago  in their regions, and can only think that BT were trialing the new set up regionally without changing their webpage format, which was introduced with a promotional  video on 31st.   

Given that there were hundreds of complaints on BT forums prior to the 31st  I find it totally irresponsible of BT  to go ahead on 31st  despite not addressing the problems raised.







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Re: Email Client

Hi Ian
Tempting fate I know, but connecting of late has been OK, perhaps they have finally fixed their server problems. However I remain unconvinced.
Perhaps a moderator will appear and make an announcement, that it's all been fixed, but I'm not holding my breath.
In the meantime all we can do all keep our fingers crossed and hope the dreaded little window, requesting confirmation/re-entry of your password will cease.
Cheers Noel


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