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Email Folders Disappeared

Dozens of my folders have disappeared.  I have read several posts about this, and the response from BT has ranged from 'you need a new pc' to 'you need to upgrade your operating system' and 'you deleted them'.  Note that typically when you contact any online support you are likely to get a very low level of technician.  The objective is to field as many queries as possible, pushing responsibility back to the user and closing the call along the lines of 'have you tried switch it off and on again'.  None of these are plausible responses.  Everything points to a problem at BT, they have been advertising changes to the way email works, and have broken something in the process.  This is a serious problem for me and I am sure for many other users.  Does anyone have a solution?

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Re: Email Folders Disappeared

Answering my own query here...

My folders did not appear in the tree view how ever much expanding or clicking around I did, they just were not there.  Not in Trash, not in deleted items (as had been suggested elsewhere) just not there.  I decided to try the search function, typed in one of the missing folder names and...  ALL the missing folders reappeared.  I hope this helps others.


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