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Email Password Change Problem

Have just spent the last 20 mins trying to change my password I use a password Generator on the password change page it says 10 characters or more, every time I entered my new password it kept changing the password to a different one than I had generated. I did not notice straight away but it was removing the last 5 characters. As it said the password needs to be  greater than 10 characters and no mention of a maximum I was generating a 30 character password as a very strong password.

As it removed the last 5 characters in the new and confirm password and they both showed as OK. If I had just pressed OK my password would have been changed but I would not have been able to log back in as the password I thought I had used was not the one that the password change page had changed it to for me.

It needs to say there is a maximum number and if you try to use one that is greater than allowed  do not let it be used Show a error message password to long

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