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Email System Error - Returned Email . 5.7.9 Message not accepted for policy reasons.

All of my email is sent to me at ian@<my_surname>, which is my own domain hosted by a 3rd party. All email is then forwarded to me at one of my addresses. Email clients then connect to the mail server via IMAP or POP for download.

Occasionally I receive an email from the BT Email Administrator with the title "Email System Error - Returned Email" with the email body as follows  :

Sorry, your message cannot be delivered. The mailbox you are trying to send to is currently unavailable or disabled, or your email has been rejected for policy reasons

Your message was rejected by for the following reason:

5.7.9 Message not accepted for policy reasons. See

The following recipients did not receive this message:


This seems to imply that BT was unable to send an email to its own domain. But why is it trying? Only my 3rd party service provider should be sending emails to my email addresses.

Since the body of the email that was sent to me by BT via my domain mailbox is attached to the Email Administrator's email, I have previously just ignored this hiccup as I don't understand the information at I have, until now, assumed that there is something that the mail server objects to in the original email's header.

However, today this problem has occurred with an email sent to me by BT regarding my BT email account (specifically, one of my BTInternet email addresses). BT had sent its email to me at ian@<my_surname> What is going on that BT can't send me an email from its own systems without error?

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Re: Email System Error - Returned Email . 5.7.9 Message not accepted for policy reasons.

Hi IanMK13,

How are you forwarding the emails from your domain to your email account?

What can be happening here is the way you are forwarding the emails. If the sender's domain has SPF and DMARC polices then the way your are forwarding can alter the identity of the sender and therefore go against the sender's domain has SPF and DMARC polices. SRS can help but all depends if your domain/email forwarding provider supports this. Have a look at and

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