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Email addresses due to be downgraded

I noticed yesterday whilst browsing MyBT for something else, that I have two active email addresses for other family members which are flagged as being "Due to be Downgraded".  I have no idea why, or what this means.  The Options button gives the option to either Delete the account or do nothing, neither of which are acceptable!  Both addresses are in active use, and I have been a BT customer continuously for at least 40 years, although admittedly these have been far from problem-free!

Furthermore, when I go onto the "Manage your Emails"  page, it shows that my BT account and my email address have been deleted, although clearly they haven't as I can still use email (and more importantly, still receive and pay regular bills for a BB and Phone package!)

Can anyone please explain what on earth is going on, and better still, sort it out?  I see this is a known problem that has been raised before, but I can't find any solutions posted on the Forum, beyond getting a Moderator involved.

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