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Email login extremely slow or completely unobtainium

Hello all,


Starting perhaps a week or so ago logging into my old BT email has been close to impossible (right now I can't even get to the first login page without the animated dots and the bt logo - 20 mins so far on that screen)

I've tried everything I can think of.
Cleared history, cache and everything else I can think of
Tried: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Yes passwords are correct - assuming I get far enough along to actually enter them.

What is the problem? Was there an update of some kind?

I am living overseas and so, in theory, I should be accessing when traffic is lighter. I have superfast 1GB-1GB internet.

Very frustrating.

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Re: Email login extremely slow or completely unobtainium

hi - no its not just you ...   think there was an update 3/4 weeks ago as I can't get into any of my 3 accounts - even left the jumping dots for 30mins 3xtimes and NOTHING - obviously lots of broken links on the website and BT don't care - I have had problems with my bills since last September and I have to phone them EVERY month and raise a complaint since Jan this year - disgusting service ! they just DON'T CARE

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