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Email seems to be instantly deleting spam.

This is a problem I have had for a while, but its only really started to become an issue lately. I don't know how, but my BT email account has not had a single thing in its spam folder for about two years now.

At first I believed the filter was just not very good and didn't really mind, as Im generally fine with deleting any spam I get normally. However, recently I've noticed that emails I intend to get, due to having accounts on various other sites (Password changes, verification, etc), dont seem to be arriving in my email. Most of said emails have the usual "Make sure you check your spam folder in case your email puts it there" message. Thing is, like i said, my spam folder never gets a thing.

I'm starting to believe that instead of putting believed spam emails into my spam folder, my email is just deleting them straight up. Is there a setting that does this, that I might have activated by accident at one point? Because these emails that my account is (seemingly) deleting are fairly important, and I cant get my sites to send said emails to a different account...because the confirmation emails said sites send me seem to get deleted.

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Re: Email seems to be instantly deleting spam.

See this thread

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