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Email software gripe

Evening all,

In recent times I installed an email client called "Spike" onto my PC. I also installed it onto my phone. I then logged in, adjusted the settings as necessary and was ready to go. All seemed fine - or so I thought.

On 14th October I had a message on my phone saying that Spike was out of sync with my BT Internet email account. I redid the login, password and server settings and tried to get the email client to log back in. No luck: the reply was that the email address or password was wrong which I knew not to be the case. I tried on an alternative email client on my phone and managed to access the email without issue using the same login and server credentials.

Being somewhat miffed I emailed the developers of the "Spike" app. They were very helpful and stated that there was no problem at their end, suggesting that I contact BT. Before I could do that, however, the problem fixed itself and I was once again able to use Spike to do emails both on my PC and on my phone.

A couple of days ago, on 19th November, the same issue happened again and Spike is once again unable to get into my email. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software on my phone, and my PC and then logging back in with the right login and server credentials but to no avail.

After my first de-syncing I had a reply from the developer of the Spike software which was this:

"We've looked into it but the issue is on Btinternet's (sic) end. We've had recurring issues with some of our Btinternet users that are not caused by Spike. Unfortunately Btinternet have not responded to any of our attempts to contact them. If the issue persists; please contact them directly and let us know if they offer a solution."

Poor show from BTInternet. I sent BT an email to what I took to be the right address (probably the wrong one but it was the only one I could find) and this merely earned an Auto Response. I cannot seem to find an email address to put it to BT as the help & support section of their website seems to take you round and round in circles without giving an email address for what I want to contact them about. I can only assume that BT are taking Spike to be menace software (ie. malware) which it is not.

Anybody know where I can find the right email address for email support? It is almost as if they don't like email requests for support.


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Re: Email software gripe

There is not an email address for BT email support.

You would need to contact BT by phone on 0800.800.150. 

You will probably be informed that if your email is working on webmail then as far as BT are concerned your email is working.

BT do not support email clients/app in as much as they will provide the server settings but they will not offer any assistance with email clients/apps if they are not working because their staff are not trained in the workings of email clients/apps.

The exception is if you were to use the BTMail email app however if you check through the forum you will see that it is not without its problems.

There has been similar problems with  email clients/apps in the past and the advice given on the forum is to do nothing especially deleting and reinstalling the email account from the client/app or changing the password. 

If you can log onto your webmail, there is obviously nothing wrong with the password.

When it happens, as you found out, it usually resolves its self in a day or two. Sometimes it resolves its self quicker if you log on and use webmail to send and receive emails.

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