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Email to iPhone & lost contacts

When BT switched from Yahoo about 2 years ago (..?), I lost emails to my phone, and text messages & WhatsApp no longer sync'd with contacts on my phone. I contacted BT and they were unable and unwilling to help, blaming the phone. A tech at apple managed to find a pathway to reconnect emails to my phone but in the process lost most of my contacts, apart from ones on SIM card. Much time, inconvenience & grief replacing contacts, almost as bad as losing a phone.

More recently I had to change my BT password and again lost emails to my phone. BT said tough. An Apple techy managed to reconnect emails to phone but again lost most of my contacts in the process. And I've only got email inbox / drafts & sent mail since reset on my phone, no folders, notes, etc. I'm no IT geek but consider myself competent and can't believe an outfit the size of BT can't do better at connectivity.  For years I had no problems, since moving mail from Yahoo there are constant issues.

Any obvious tips.? Is there anyway to 'insulate' my contacts from BT mail, so if it happens again I don't have to find/recreate hundreds of contacts. 

And will new BT mail app be any better, e.g. on search, Yahoo was fine, current system even searching for 'BT' ironically brings up almost everything except BT... ? And why is BT so poor on tech support.? (I'll put disruption to service on a different post.) TIA


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