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Email trouble

I have two emails  addresses, I would like to link to the email app on my iPhone 5 I have tried going through setting and mail then other and signing in  with btinternet with passwords for both emails no luck, incorrect password or username, password are correct on both emails, and I can see emails and send from my work computer, When I'm home and need to login  on  iphone and iPad no luck same as above but I also can not sign  via safari  bt  main page I sign in password and then i get a blank page after signing in through safari any ideas. I can not download bt app as my phone and iPad only support iOS 10.3  can any one help More brains are better than one I need your brains as I tried the obvious one switching the phone off and back on again but no luck.  Googling the answer seemed the best answer tried all avenues on most sites with still no luck Help.

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