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My first Post is a problem and answer.

I have been unable to delete Sent, or Draft Emails in these folders, or even read them. Also , my Sent Emails did not appear in my sent folder. All 'settings' were as should be, History, cookies, Sign out & Sign out also carried out etc. etc...

I looked on the BT Community and noticed numerous similar problem, logged over a long period. I contact BT, but had to cut short the help due to other issues.

I had messages say ' these have been moved using another device at the same time' or 'An unexpected error occured'.

Frustrated, I spent innumerable time trying to find an answer. And probably by fluke,,this happened;-

I notice that in my MY ACCOUNT Sent folder, I had 1 unread message which did not appear in the preview window.

So I went into the drop down menu for the Sent folder - next to the search item - and clicked the sort by Unread.

Low and Behold, the the unread email appeared and I was able to read the Emails and Delete all items in the SENT, DRAFT and TRASH folders.😮

I hope this helps someone in the community

Good luck ... Geoff

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Re: Email

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Hi @Geoffrey11 and welcome to our community.

We really appreciate you taking time to post this. I'm sure the community will benefit from it. Keep up the good work.



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