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Emails just disappeared

My emails have suddenly just disappeared. I didn't delete them, as I am sure I would have seen a note saying do you want to delete over 2000 emails.

Does anyone know how to get them back or where they could have gone. They are not in delete box or spam box and I know you can only restore a weeks worth of emails through BT.  But i have lost 1000 of emails. Just disappeared. Anyone can help

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Re: Emails just disappeared

@Garbo60 I'm really sorry to see your emails have disappeared, if you are on the BT Yahoo email platform you can restore the emails if they were lost within the last week. It doesn't matter how old the emails were but if they went missing from your email account more than a week ago then they may not be recoverable.

Check out this email help page article for more info and click on the request email restore button to start the process. 

Community ModeratorNeilO
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