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Emails not working

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Now that BT has “super improved” my emails I am unable to send or receive from 2 of my 3 accounts on my iPads or iPhone.

I received an email last week telling me to make sure that the Host Name for incoming and outgoing mail servers was “” but when I checked they were all that anyway.

I can still access them via “My BT” so I know that there is no problem with my usernames or passwords.
I keep getting the message that “the username or password for “ is incorrect” but I know that they are correct.

I have 2 iPads and an iPhone, so I tried deleting one of my lesser used accounts from all devices with a view to re-instating it, thinking that might do the trick as all devices are probably linked, however nothing has changed.

I have even opened a brand new account and all devices accepted that with no problem.

I am at a loss knowing where to turn now, and not sure if this is a BT or an Apple problem.

Does anyone have any ideas ?

Thank you.


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Re: Emails not working

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Well done BT !

You didn’t tell me on your email that I would have to change my passwords to load onto an Apple device, even though my original passwords were correct.
You just caused me a week of work - thank you !!

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