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Err 553

I use BT webmail via chrome and am experiencing a sporadic problem when attempting to send some emails - I get the error code - Err Code 553 and the email wont send. This only occurs with some emails - others send OK. I've read through a number of threads on this forum - it appears to be a common issue going back years? I've tried all the suggestions offered by others but can't resolve the problem.

The emails that wont send are plain typed in text (not copied or pasted), no urls, images, unusual content etc - just plain text. 

I've checked the IP address - not blacklisted. I've logged out and back in. Turned the modem and hub off and back on. I'm not accessing via VPN.

Anyone got any ideas?

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Re: Err 553

Hi @tkg welcome to the community. I'm sorry about the delay in replying and that you're getting a 553 error when sending emails, I appreciate the inconvenience that must be causing.


The 553 error means the email could not be delivered due to content or policy reasons so it's likely the spam filters have picked up something within the text or subject that has triggered the block. 

This is in place to stop our email system from being abused by spammers and scammers but occasionally legitimate emails get incorrectly blocked. 


It sounds like you've done most of the checks already but have you tried changing the subject title to see if that allows the email to be sent?




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