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Error 'Sorry looks like you are not connected to the internet.....'

I am connected to the internet. All other sites work but I cannot read my emails on my W10 Tower PC. When I try I get an error message. I can empty trash. I can delete emails. I can move emails to folders. I can create folders. I can read my emails on my Android tablet!!! 

This started on Tues 28 Jul in the afternoon. To begin with I assumed BT Mail was down & just waited . Numerous logins - same result. I soon realised that the connection was working fine.

I phoned BT on Wed 29 Jul. Very nice girl listened to the problems but after consulting with other people said the issue was on my machine.

No updates outstanding for W10,  No problems detected by Dell computer system. Same error message  when using  Goggle Chrome or Microsoft Edge. No issues with Norton.

I am suspicious about the new Mail platform. To verify my email for this Forum I had to go to the tablet & that fortunately worked. 

Can anyone help me please. I am 75 and not very IT literate, so simple answers would be appreciated.



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