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Forwarding Emails error message

By searching on here I see that several people have recently experienced problems with forwarding emails; however none of their issues are  similar to mine.

On my PC running Win 11, using BT internet for emails, I can forward emails without any issue as long as I don’t attempt to add a comment to the email e.g. ‘please read this email and comment’.

When I add a comment I get the message: ‘An error occurred when sending your mail. Please try again later.’ No matter how many times I try again, or how long I leave it, I get the same error message.

The same error message occurs if I attempt to forward an email that contains an attachment.

My PC is only a couple of months old. My old PC with Win 10 did the same very occasionally for the last few months, before that it was OK.

Using my IPad and Apple laptop, again using BT internet, there is no problem.

Any ideas please?

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Re: Forwarding Emails error message

I don't use W11 however I am using W10 and I have just carried out few tests and I can forward emails after adding a comment and forward emails after I have added an attachment and emails after adding a comment and an attachment so it does not appear to be a inherent fault that you have.

Have you tried clearing your browsers history and cookies?

Have you tried a different browser to see if it is a browser problem? 

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Re: Forwarding Emails error message

It works OK using another browser.
Deleting browser history doesn't help. I am reluctant to delete cookies - it should not be necessary.
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Re: Forwarding Emails error message

It is necessary if it fixes your problem.

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