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Gifted email not showing on account


A couple of years ago I gifted my ex husband his email address.  He says he was never able to take control of it and in the end I marked it for deletion. It no longer shows on my account but it does say that one of my email addresses has been gifted.  This means I cannot create another address in its place.  The help pages say I should delink the address but I can’t do that as no address is showing. I tried following the faqs but helpfully they all lead to a fatal error page - nice one BT!

has anyone else had this issue and have they resolved it successfully?

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Re: Gifted email not showing on account

Initially you would have been able to create eleven email addresses.

Apart from the email address that you gifted, do you have any other email addresses and do you use them frequently?


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Re: Gifted email not showing on account

Hi, yes I have ten active email addresses. Below that there is the box for email addresses you have given away and it says there is one, but then does not list that address. To remove that address from my account and free up my 11th address I am supposed to click on it and choose delink but I can’t do that if no emails address is showing.

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Re: Gifted email not showing on account

If the email address is not showing in your MyBT > Manage email, the following information will obviously not be able to be carried out however I have posted it for information should you require it if the email account is eventually deleted and frees it up as an available account

If you "gifted" the email address to your ex, he would/should have created his own BTID and MyBT in order to accept the "gifted" email account. 

Creating BT Email addresses? | BT Help

The email account would then have been under his control. You would still be able to delink the email account but you would not be able delete it until it is delinked.

How do I close or delete an email account? | BT Help

If your ex has not used the email account for 150 days the account will have been suspended then deleted. If that has happened it should be available to reuse the email address but the contents when deleted will not be recoverable.

See link about how to recover the email address. 

Why has my email address been suspended or deleted? | BT Help

As there is nothing that the forum users will be able to do regarding the email account not showing in your MyBT I have notified the moderators of the forum about your problem. Once they have read this they may be able to help. They will advise you by posting on this thread.

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Re: Gifted email not showing on account

Good morning @SuzMcCoy,

What @gg30340 says is correct. When the email was gifted to another person, it makes them create their own BTID to manage that email. As it appears to be somewhere in the background, I'll need to look into this for you and get it removed. I've sent you a private message with some details that I'll need.


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