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Re: Help- BT about to delete secondary email address due to inactivity.

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@Sue14 wrote:
Hi, no there is no reactivate button. On the email management page where it says " your email addresses" it shows 2 addresses(primary and another). Below that it has another panel which shows " your family email addresses" and my name appears there but no address. Then if you go to the next page where you can allocate your email address to a new contact or existing contact my address is there as an existing contact. . If you click on that it then takes you to the next page which suggests various numbers to add to that address to make a new one. Maybe you're right and it's been deleted already, it just doesn't say that. I have no idea when I last logged on- various distractions this summer and time lost. 60 days isn't long. Thanks for your input, I don't understand technology but just can't believe anything is irrecoverable these days . 😩

Hi Sue,


I think i know what your issue is. You have 2 email addresses that BT thinks is your own and 1 email address that you gifted to yourself.


That email that you have gifted to yourself exists with its own BTID. If you go to and login with the same email address and password that you think has disappeared- it should take you to an email management page which only has this address and should have a reactivate button next to it.


Please try this. Thanks.




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Re: Help- BT about to delete secondary email address due to inactivity.

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You are brilliant !!!! I have just done exactly that and it worked, said I had 55 days to reactivate it. I did it there and then. Hurrah !! Thank you so much. I am delighted to be back in action. Well done to you .
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