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Help - Emails in my inbox disappeared


This is the second time in 4 years all my inbox emails have literally self deleted from my inbox.  Last time the BT Technical team told me I had done it and were rude and unhelpful.  I'm not the most techy people but I struggle to see how I could have deleted them all - vouchers etc all lost.  Same thing has happened this morning.  After an hour online with a "Tech help" I was told again there's nothing they can do - this time emails I needed to retain going back to 2015 to this morning have all gone.  I've tried accessing on different devices, through webmail etc - nothing.  Same as before literally disappeared before my eyes!  Was told this is no way a BT problem - I've got mine set up wrong - seems very random.  Anyone got any ideas as to how I get this retrieved??

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Re: Help - Emails in my inbox disappeared

No, but as an entrenched user of BT email myself I hope it doesn’t happen to me. I notice that BT have quietly ceased offering BT email for people who sign up for their broadband products so I suspect they fully intend to wind BT email down over some time period. I don’t want to change all my addresses but I think the direction of travel is that I will have to. A cynic might suggest that, in deleting all your emails, they are trying to encourage you to abandon BT email in advance of any wind-down. I am sure they wouldn’t do that, though.

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Re: Help - Emails in my inbox disappeared


If your emails are not in any of the folders on all your devices including on webmail it means that they will have been deleted from the BT mail servers and can not be recovered. 

The best that BT can do is possibly tell you which device deleted them.

If this has previously happened to you I'm afraid that it begs the question why are you not using an email client/app which you can use to download and store your emails on your device and include the email folders in your backup regime, assuming you have one.

You should also not leave every email in the Inbox. You should set up individual folders where you can file your emails and again these folder can be backed up.

This would ensure that your emails are stored safely under your control and not your email supplier, and backed up so that they will be available should some thing happen that causes the originals to be deleted or unavailable.