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How do I make an old BT email address an affiliate?

I have to admit I'm not sure what question I should be asking but here goes ...

My wife and I have had  email from BT for 20+ years and we each created our own email address which we still use.  The primary BT account is in my name and when I go into MyBT >Email > Manage account there is no reference to my wife's address.

At some stage we created a secondary email address for my wife and this does appear in my MyBT Manage Account. We now want to transfer this so that my wife can manage it but we cannot see how to do this - the 'Manage Email Addresses' section does not include 'Transfer' in 'Options' . It also seems that her primary email address is not connected to an account (she cannot change the password without being asked to create a new account.)

I guess my basic question is:  what do we need to do to have my wife's original email address recognised in the primary account's MyBT so that it can be treated as an affiliate??

Thanks in advance - Roy


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Re: How do I make an old BT email address an affiliate?

Your wife should have/create a BTID with her BT email account. This will then let her have a MyBT which can be used to manage her "first" email account.

See link how to set up a BTID.

What is a BT ID and how can I get one? | BT Help

Having said that, it may be that it will not allow you to set up a BTID because it would appear that it is not associated to an BT Broadband account because it is a sub account of a "primary" email account.

If it does not allow you to set it up you could try adding your wife's email address to your BT Broadband account as per this link.

 Can I move my BT email address to another account? | BT Help

Once it has been added you should then be able to "gift" it to her as per the attached link/sub link.

How do I create and activate a new BT Email address? | BT Help

If it accepts being gifted you should then be able to set up a BTID and then you will be able to "gift"  second email address to her as per the above procedure.

If none of that works you should post back and other assistance will be offered.


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Re: How do I make an old BT email address an affiliate?

Many thanks for your speedy reply and information.  We have tried and  so far failed to set up a BTID but it turns out BT have a 'technical issue' which they hope will be fixed within 48 hours!


Will keep you informed - best wishes - Roy

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