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Is it me or is the new BT mail service really awful?

I moved from BTYahoo to the new BT mail service yesterday and I am less than impressed. problems include:


1. Difficulty getting in - the 'mail' button on the BT.Com home page just keeps returning me to the home page over and over again and then will occasionally let me in.


2. The service times out frequently, sometimes in the middle of typing a message - and yes I have ticked the 'keep me logged in' box


3. It is unbelievably slow - every action including opening a message or deleting a message produces a screen message 'Loading data' and everything freezes for between 5 and 10 seconds.


I would like to believe that these are just teething troubles - if not then the new service is close to unusable.

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Re: Is it me or is the new BT mail service really awful?

No it's not just you. The webmail is full of bugs. So far I've noted:

  1. Even if you've selected "keep me logged in" it will pop up a message that you're session has timed out which then takes you back to the BT home page...but when you click on the email link it just takes you striaght back in without having to log back in. Not quite what I'd like....
  2. Paging only works in your inbox. If you go to another folder then it still displays the message counts for "inbox" at the bottom and the paging links do nothing.
  3. If I do Reply All to an email and then delete some of the email addresses in the CC box...the email still gets sent to all of them. It would also be nice to be able to drag and drop email addresses between the CC and To box but no you can't do that.
  4. If you delete emails or move them to another folder when in the folder message list view it doesn't redisplay the email list again, which means you have to go back in again and get taken back to the first page. A real pain!

At least it seems to be working a bit quicker now. I guess BT must have beefed up/added servers.



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Re: Is it me or is the new BT mail service really awful?

Thanks for your response - youve explained one other problem that emerged after i posted my original message - i spent an hour on the chat line to india this morning trying to establish why I couldn't see all the mails in my folders. Now I realise that it sticks at the number in my in-box. I can see the older emails if I access through the mail facility on my Ipad but not through the BT mail front end. It's staggering that an organisation can release a system with bugs of this kind - and even more staggering that the support service this morning appeared never to have heard of the problem before. Not good BT!

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Re: Is it me or is the new BT mail service really awful?

I'm not impressed with the support lot. I kept putting off moving my Flickr account and then found my mail got moved with no warning. After that I couldn't login to Yahoo with my BT account so couldn't move (or access at all) my Flickr. Raised an issue with both BT and Flickr. Yahoo got back very promptly and sorted out access for me so I could move my Flickr account to a new Yahoo account. All I got from BT, other than the automated we've received your query email, was an email after a couple of days asking me to fill in a feedback survey for the service I got from some Indian support person that I never heard from! Suffice to say they didn't get any "excellents"...


I used to use Yahoo mail on my Android phone so have switched to the standard Android mail client which works okay - don't like the interface as much as the Yahoo one but my phone had been really slowing down and I have noticed it seems to have improved since uninstalling the Yahoo mail app. If BT release their own app I don't think I'll be using it.


Anyway at the moment I'm contemplating switching to using my new Yahoo account for email and once I've done that, having also lost my free Flickr premium, I'm thinking there'll be nothing to stop me moving to another broadband (and maybe phone) provider...

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Re: Is it me or is the new BT mail service really awful?

I'm contemplating doing the same - but I have a lot of old emails in folders on the BT system which i still access regularly (or did before the switch). Anyone know if there's an easy way of migrating those to Yahoo or elsewhere?

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Re: Is it me or is the new BT mail service really awful?

It really is rubbish - clearlyy not tested. I've had a very helpful Mod, Patrick phone me several days in a row to sort out nonsense, which should not be necessary.  The transfer has obviously not been pilot tested or the pilot was flying MHE700.

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Re: Is it me or is the new BT mail service really awful?

was going to start a new thread but thought i will hijack this one,i can not tell if BT mail service is awful or not as i now can not get into my email's at all go on to chat and they wont my  problem it is a online acc. unable to get email's to get so go round and around

so i am now trying to remember all my contacts to give them a new email add. when i set up one

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Re: Is it me or is the new BT mail service really awful?

No, its not just you.  The new system is so awful its almost unusable.  It only appears to work on Internet Explorer, there doesn't appear to be a way to change the line spacing when composing emails, keyboard shortcuts don't appear to exist, if you have an email open it isn't obvious how to close it to get back to your Inbox (its click on the Inbox or click the rather un-obvious white down arrow so its impossible without using the mouse).  There are so many things wrong with it I can only assume it was designed by someone who never uses email and has no understanding of what makes a pleasant to use web front end.

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Re: Is it me or is the new BT mail service really awful?

I find BT Mail simply dreadful also. In addition to having experienced all of the problems above, I cannot forward emails containing pictures. On clicking 'forward' and, IF the server allows my email to be reloaded - if one is unlucky enough to get 'wait loading data' one waits and waits ad infinitum) the mail for forwarding has a list of files at the top of the email and blank boxes where the pictures should be. Nothing I can do will fill the empty boxes. On forwarding, the recipient just gets the empty boxes also. On one occasion recently, I clicked 'forward' and to my amazement, the pictures appeared correctly in the emeil ready for forwarding. The recipients let me know that they only received the list of files and empty boxes. I'm on the point of changing provider. I've had numerous 'Indian' takeovers of my computer, to no avail. I was then promised 'secomd-line' help which never transpired. Do BT really have any real experts working for them? It's a disgrace. Come back BT Yahoo! Mail.

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Re: Is it me or is the new BT mail service really awful?

I too have terrible problems - each day brings a new one. Today I cannot open some emails in my Inbox. Yesterday I couldn't attach files etc etc. Accessing my folders is also an issue The speed is dire and it is getting to the point where I feel this is no longer a functional system. Has BT published an apology or update? It is very hard to find out if this is just a temporary situation or the best they can do.


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