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Is this a real BT email? Non-BT client in North America


Not a BT customer, and have not signed up for anything - from Quebec, Canada, using Bell Canada services - just got this email from

Can anyone advise if it's real? The links all appear to be to legitimate BT webpages.

Many thanks.

Get ready for your new service
Your new service starts tomorrow

We just wanted to remind you your phone and broadband services will start tomorrow (25-Jul-2018), anytime up until midnight.

We'll be in touch again to let you know when everything's ready.

Need some help?
Take a look at bt.comYou'll find answers to the most commonly asked questions at

Text chat online with usJust click below between 7am and 11pm every day to get started (it works on mobiles, too).

Speak to usCall 0800 800 150 if you'd prefer to talk to someone.


Nick Lane
Managing Director, Customer Care

BT Logo


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Please don't reply. We won't see itIf you need to get in touch, click the 'Contact us' button above.

Don't click suspicious linksIf you think you've been sent a 'phishing' or scam email that's been made to look like it's from BT, don't click any of the links – especially if they ask you to check or confirm your account details. If you want to do that, it's safer to type into your browser so you know you're going to the right place. To find out more about how you can protect yourself against scam emails, go to
© British Telecommunications plc 2018. We're registered in England at 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ(company number 1800000).

All this information was correct on the date we sent this email. See our terms and conditions Omniture Image
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Re: Is this a real BT email? Non-BT client in North America

Quite possibly someone has inadvertantly given your email address as their own by mistake.

Either way, just delete it, there is nothing you can do about it.

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Re: Is this a real BT email? Non-BT client in North America

Hi, welcome to the BT UK forums.

I've asked the moderators before about BT not using the correct standards for confirmed opt-in for customers signing up for services.

Clearly nothing has been passed to the relevant people, and somehow the person has given a completely wrong email address. I assume the address is likely to be non ISP specific, like a gmail or hotmail account - so they may have spelt it incorrectly when applying. That is where BT should send a confirmation tokenised email for the user to click a unique link to confirm the address is theirs.

The problem is that the user will not receive the emails for their service, and you may get more.

What needs to happen is that the moderators should get involved, ask you to give the name of the person so that the account can be checked and the real person contacted by telephone or letter and ask them to confirm their proper email address.