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Issue with Website/email address

I've noticed this weird bug with my BT account.
I've updated my email address (also used as username to login) with a new address that contains a plus (+) symbol in it.

You can add a + symbol to your email address to better organise your inbox.

The email I've got from BT to confirm the changes was already a problem because the link in the address bar replaced the pus sign with a blank space, so I had to manually correct that with %2B (that translates to +) so that the confirmation link could work.

After that my BT account successfully update but I wasn't able to see any of my account's info anymore, I just got errors on screen.
Tech support wasn't able to help either by reverting to the original address, so they had to completely delete my account and start from scratch.

Not a massive issue, but it might be worth look into it.


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