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Keeping my BT Yahoo Premium Mail Account, I am having serious problems getting this done.


I cancelled my BT Broadband Option 3 subscription around Nov 20th 2011 and I discovered on the internet that my BT Yahoo Premium mail would be terminated 90 days after my BT Broadband was cancelled, I've had my bt email account for around 10 years so I don't want to lose it.


I've been running around in circles trying to get the £1.54 monthly charge setup so that I can keep my exisiting BT Yahoo email account all have lead to a dead end .. could you please help me .....


Here are some problems listed below that I've encountered:-


1) I navigate to the following BT website link where it advertises to 'keep my email' account for bt yahoo premium for £1.54 / month, I enter my email account and it states "there is a problem with the status of your account" and doesn't allow me to progress further with the upgrade. Here is the link...


I still have a account and a BT landline and I can setill see broadband being billed for Nov 2011 so I don't understand why it will not allow me to upgrade here on the link above.


2) I was advised by BT operatives to go to the following alternative BT web page to upgrade to BT Yahoo premium mail and most of you will be more familiar with this one... however it only allows the user to generate a NEW BT Yahoo email address NOT KEEP your EXISTING email address despite the link advertising that you can keep it..... after entering my bank account details and I enter my btopenworld email account the web page stops with an error stating that my BT Yahoo email adress is 'already taken': here is the link, also there is a link from my  'my account' page to the very same link stated below... the link is named 'Upgrade To Premium Mail' which is very deceptive as it is not an upgrade of your exisiting email account its an entirely new email address that it allows you to create only and this is no good. Here is the link .. with the premium link right at the bottom...


3) I was advised by a BT operator to contact the BT Yaho premium mail team on the phone (I have a BT phone landline btw) and I called 0808 100 6778 Option 2 (email) Option (1 Change email) on a Sunday at 11am and all I got was the following message then the line cut off, the team should have been there as the message stated but the help service team was not available which is perplexing .. here is the message is this service dead ?


"Welcome to BT our advisors are available from 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 6:30pm Saturday to Sunday"


 Not true...


I remember calling the yahoo premium email team around the 20th Nov 2011 (about a month ago) and they told me that I would receive an email warning me that my BT Yahoo email account would be cancelled in 90 days with an option to upgrade to premium... this email has not been received (I even checked bt yahoo spam folder) hence why I am getting worried about not being able to renew my BT Yahoo Email Account.


4) I called up other BT Broadband and technical numbers but they can detect from my BT landline that I no longer have BT Broadband so those numbers are not availale to me for help.




In summary it seems that you do have a service to upgrade to BT Yahoo Premium Email for BT users who have left BT Broadband but it is EXTREMELY difficualy to obtain to customers who are willing to pay for this service. Can anyone out there please help me. If I lose the email account it is a very serious matter to me as I have had it around 10+ years.

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Re: Keeping my BT Yahoo Premium Mail Account, I am having serious problems getting this done.

Also I may add that I am actually NOT an existing BT Yahoo Premium mail subscriber, I wish to UPGRADE to that service. I've checcked on my btyahoo account via 'BT Wallet' etc and there is no evidence that I am an existing BT Yahoo Premium email subsriber... just an oridinary BT Yahoo email account with no BT Broadband.


please help with my enquiry above... how do I upgrade to BT YAHOO PREMIUM email with all the problems I've been having above...

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Re: Keeping my BT Yahoo Premium Mail Account, I am having serious problems getting this done.

Hi, have exactly the same problem with our main account and sub account due to be deactivated. We used to be BT but our ISP is now Sky but like you these are email addresses we have had for some time. My husbands email is over the 60 day notice and still working. I have been unable to upgrade online, it only allows me to make new accounts. I just called the number in the notification email I received and I've now been upgraded. I called 0800 633 5335 and selected option 3, a lady did it all for me. Good luck.
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Re: Keeping my BT Yahoo Premium Mail Account, I am having serious problems getting this done.

Exactly the same problem here as dfernand, with similar success trying to upgrade via the various BT links provided.

However, thanks to the advice of Julie90 and a quick call to the number above I have finally been able to upgrade to BT premium e-mail.


Thanks to both dfernand for posting the highly page ranked problem and to Julie90 for the solution Smiley Happy. Shame BT couldn't make it easier in the first place Smiley Frustrated


All the best and wishing you a happy New Year,



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Re: Keeping my BT Yahoo Premium Mail Account, I am having serious problems getting this done.

I'm moving from BT Broadband. I'm wanting to keep the email address and have found that going here...'s-the-difference-between-bt-yahoo!-premi...


and then clicking on gets you:


Sorry, this page is currently unavailable


The tip (as stated above) about phoning the number above worked well.


I was told by the support person there is a 90 day grace period after the end of the BT Broadband and an email will come through on about day 86. The guy on the phone said ring the same number again then to upgrade to subscribe to the service.


If there is a department in BT that looks at things that don't work on their website it might be worth fixing this.