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Keeping my BT email accounts , when I leave BT

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Can anyone clarify this please. I am seriously thinking of leaving BT as my BB provider. The new provider I am considering say that I can keep any of the emails that I currently have, ( I have 5 BT email accounts that I definately need to keep. The new provider say that , after I leave BT, these will be " basic " or " standard " email accounts that i can access on the web , question is , will I still be able to access these bt email accounts on my iphone as normal , after I leave BT, in other words, simply click on the " MAIL " icon , on the home screen of the iphone, and access the particular bt email account as necessary, and read / compose / delete email as necessary.

Thanks in anticipation of replies


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Re: Keeping my BT email accounts , when I leave BT

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No, you won't.

They will be downgraded to Basic email accounts only accessible by web browser, not mail apps.

If you wish to maintain access via mail apps, you will need to pay£7.50/m for Premium Mail.

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