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Leaving BT and BT Email

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Good Morning

I have decided to leave BT and I change to my new provider in a few weeks time. 

I have read a previous post about what happens to my email after I leave. I understand I will be changed over to Basic email and this can only be used on a browser. That is fine because I already use BT email mostly on a Web Browser, 

I have four BT email addresses at present. Will I still be able to use all four on Basic email? Also how long after I leave will I be able to use my BT email addresses? Unfortunately at present and for the forseeable future I will not be able to pay for the Premium email service.

I know with some other companies you only have access to your email for 60 or 90 days after you leave.

Thank you in advance for your help.  

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Re: Leaving BT and BT Email

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Yes, all 4 sddresses will be downgraded to basic mail. They will remain active for as long as you use them, there is no time limit on basic mail

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Re: Leaving BT and BT Email

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Thank you liquorice.
That saves me having to rush and change my email addresses which can be a nightmare as some will know. Having to remember who has your email address when they are only in contact once a year etc. is nigh on impossible for me.
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