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Locked out of BT email

I have been with BT for about 15 years despite numerous house moves (job).  I recently have been subject to something new:  I cannot access my emails on any device.  It insists the password is wrong, so I go through the ‘reset password’ but BT’s site refuses to accept my security details- even though: on a separate tab I’ve accessed my account and can see my security details!  However, to add insult to injury - the reset process asks me the wrong security question!  

I can access my account, all other family emails work fine.  I have cleared all cashes, even deleted the mail account on my devices (iOS) and recreated it but nothing works.  After regular failures in broadband and now 3 days without email - I think I’m about to end this long and unproductive relationship.

An answer in the interim period would be most helpful.

Many thanks.

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