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Login loop - You are not currently logged in to email


I have seen other posts about this where the login process just loops.  I have tried different browsers, clearing cache and resetting password all without success.  Would welcome some help please.  It seems that BT magicians need to get involved.  If that is the case would be great to hear from one.

The Hen


Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 21.17.36.png


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Re: Login loop - You are not currently logged in to email

Getting the same message as you at 1500GMT on Saturday 12 November 2022.

I use Microsoft Outlook on my laptop for my emails, that is giving another error message, repeatedly asking me to sign into my email. See screenshot. (my User Name is not really Fred Smith).

And on my Android phone, (android v 12) it looks like all of my emails have been wiped - there's another user poste in this thread that he lost all of his email on his Apple phone.

Must be something going on.......



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Re: Login loop - You are not currently logged in to email

@BigFatHen   Did you get this solved?

Had someone hacked into your email account and taken it over?

Something else?


I'm having the same problem as you and would be good to know if you resolved it and how.

Thanks zanuck

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Re: Login loop - You are not currently logged in to email


My email works again, (Sunday afternoon around 3pm), it seems likely that someone was trying to hack into it and BT suspended my account yesterday, just before 2pm.

Helpfully they sent me an email telling my that they'd done this.

Unhelpfully, they sent it to my email address after they'd suspended the account, so th first time I saw it was this afternoon when I got email access back again.

When I saw the red banner as per your screenshot, yesterday, I clicked as directed and it took me to the normal login screen where I attempted to login and it looped me back to the red banner.

Today, just before phoning BT for help, I clicked the red banner, tried logging in and this time it took me to new pages where BT said that due to unusual activity on my account it had been suspended, they then gave me instructions online of how to recover my account (broadly a password change).

All is now well on my account - although I haven't got emails back on my phone yet.

More fun to be had.

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Re: Login loop - You are not currently logged in to email

Thanks Zanuck,


Glad you have had some success.

The strange thing is I have had some success - in changing password and even OTP via my phone .  It seems (at least as far as BT is concerned) I am a User but I do not have an Account.  Maybe the lack of Account means I cannot access my emails.

In fairness to BT I had not made much use of the email account for a while but needed a new, and largely unused email address as a recovery email address and so wanted to restart using it.

The perpetual loops did for me and I gave up on BT and found another provider of emails.

Shame because I liked my old BT email address.  HeyHo.

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