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Lost E mails

Over the last week I seem to have very few mails being listed.  Although commercial mail seems to be getting through, I am missing mail from a commercial social chat.

The mails originate from "" and there are many respondents, but currently I can only access them by using a previous mail and using the "notifications" tab which lists mails mails sent to me.  A twist to this is, previously I had to sign in to retrieve the notifications, but currently do not have to !

Have notified the site owner, but as yet no response.

My system now runs on M S Edge, and checking to see if I could identify the issue, I note reference is made to emap and Pop 3, but following the instructions, the settings tab does not list that indicated on the help page.

Apologies if this seems rather long, and perhaps trivial, but PC's are not exactly my scene (possibly age) so obviouly I am not conversant with techy terms, although have had PC's for 17 years or so.

I am also aware of the changes made by BT in the last 6/9 months in relation to the contacts list.

Any advice please.

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