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Lost email

Hi all,

OK, I now wish I hadn't switched to BT, nothing but problems and poor service.


Does anyone know why, if I pick my email up on my phone, it doesn't appear on my laptop.


Also, I have a business email that I used to use my old POP server for and cant seem to do it with BT


I had a business email address of say and  could send and receive via my old talk talk.

All help gratefully received



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Re: Lost email

You should have posted this in the "Other BB queries" board which is read by more people.


If the email address you have posted is genuine you should remove it from this post. This is a public forum and you could end up with a load of spam.


To answer your question' if you go into your phones email settings and make sure that you have ticked the box "leave on server". If it is not ticked then the email is downloaded onto your phone and is then deleted from the server which as you have found out stops any other device getting it.


The other problem may well be that you need to verify the business email address because it is a non BT email address. If you follow this link you should be able to verify it.

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Re: Lost email

Just to add to gg's reply, if messages have been deleted from the BT Yahoo! server you may still be able to get them as they stay in Trash for a while before final deletion. Log in and look in Trash; if there are any messages there you can move them back to the Inbox then download to your computer as normal.


I'll move this thread to the Other BB Queries board.

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