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Mail rules being ignored

Over the past couple of days, I've started receiving lots of spam from email addresses ending in @*.click and @*.cfd where * represents something different every time, so blocking the domain is pretty much a waste of time.  Given that, I have set up a couple of rules myself to discard anything coming from email addresses ending in .click and .cfd

However, these rules are not being applied and emails from such addresses are still getting through!

What am I doing wrong, or is BT Mail just ignoring the rules I have set?

EDIT - just remembered I had the same issue some months back when trying to block spam coming from email addresses ending in .live, .site and a few others, and similarly any rules I set didn't work.  However, the solution was to set the rule as "contains"  rather than "ends with" and that seems to work for some reason!  So it's the "ends with" rules that don't work but "contains" do!

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